About Ep!c Photos

Erick van Rijswick is my name, shooting EPIC PHOTOS is my game.

In 'normal' life i am a 3d engineer/draftsman, and also a dj/producer.  

Life is short, and even while it's short, we still tend to forget certain moments in time and space.

The first photos i made, were taken at the party's that i played, a lot of clubs and gigs from my past vanished in distant memories... 

After 2 years of playing around with my Canon camera's,  i met my girlfriend (and future wife) Chrissy. 

She was a gorgeous subject for my photos for just a short period, but long enough to develop my skills as a model / portrait photographer. After she didn't really want to model anymore, i dug deeper into a different niche:

Urban Exploring and Street Photography. 

This led to more insight in photographing buildings, nature, HDR technique, long shutter captures and even my climbing skills improved.

It also changed the way i look at 'old' or 'broken' stuff.

I discovered that there is beauty in everything, and there is nothing on earth that can't be captured in a nice way. 

My Urbex work led to all kinds of different shoots, from weddings, to band and artist shoots, and slowly it was leading me to more places then i would ever imagine, my photo's are emerging everywhere and it feels good if i deliver good work to people that ask me to do anything. 

Lately i have been doing a lot of familyshoots, events, newborns, and many more. 

As a hobby i do a lot of landscape photography and astrophotography, skills i love to use also for my assignments. 

I am autodidact, and i learn every day. Every shoot is a new challenge that i love to take...! 

I am a professional registered freelance photorapher since mid 2018.


Also i will have a vlog on youtube, doing tutorials and gear reviews. 

I am a 100% Fujifilm X photographer, I love the system and i have no need to change brands.

Hopefully one day soon, i will be an official X Photographer.. :)


Feel free to contact me if u feel like u have a new EPIC challenge for me..!