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I just tested A LOT of lenses..

Today i went to see an older man in Germany. From him I bought a big collection of camera's and lenses, which belonged to his friend's dad, who passed away.. All m42.. So, off course i had a great time just making almost the same picture, i tested ALL lenses on sharpness, flaring, ca and off course: bokeh. 

There were a few oldies that i owned many off, and a few that i never saw before, of which one was surprisingly great.

The collection contained 4 helios 44-2, of which one was the zebra m39 version. I couldn't test it since it's got a leica mount, but different distance to the 'film' or sensor in my case. 2 other helioses were excellent, and one (44m) had a scratch on the back element but still worked fine. 

The one that really surprised me was the Revuetar 50mm 2.8. Amazing bokeh-balls, and, it was actually quite sharp. Check it out. The beefoto was made with a helios, the rest with my iphone and the revuetar.

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