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How it feels to be published in a magazine..

(and how it felt to almost screw it up..?)

But firstly: How does it feel..?

Actually: better than I imagined..! Very gratifying..!

Since i am very keen on learning most photography skills, I do a lot of photography. Most pictures that i do, are for my portfolio, website and social media like my Facebook page and Instagram. Off course it's nice to see the feedback and get critiqued by the community..

But if you see your work, published in a great looking magazine, it just feels really different..!

Last spring, Peter de Ronde, from Zebra Studio Venlo, asked me if i was interested to do portraits of people, for a yearly magazine called 'De Buun', which translated from our dialect means 'The Stage. It's a magazine in which all kinds of artists and interesting people, ranging from entrepreneurs to poets, to athletes and painters. They get an interview, and usually Peter did all photography for it, but since he was quite busy, he asked me to help him out.

Off course i said yes.

For myself, the pictures would be my own 'Stage' or 'Buun' feature, that's why i decided to do a little blog about it.

Seeing the foto's now in the magazine i am (kind of) proud. Kind of..? Yes...

Why..? So how does it feel to (almost) screw up..?

Well, I was asked to make a portrait of this BTW amazing trombone player, Ruud Steegers, during a rehearsal session, in a church in Venlo.

I went there, put some lights on Ruud and his colleagues, and because they were also recording audio, i used my camera's silent shutter mode. I didn't want to disturb them too much and ruin their recordings. I thanked them kindly for their great music, and left after the rehearsels.

After looking at the photos, Peter asked me if i also made a separate portrait of Ruud while he wasn't playing.... ? Off course i didn't make one... I felt so stupid...!

But it was a good lesson, and next time I will surely deliver a nice portrait. Peter luckily was very forgiving and told me the photos were great anyway.

In the upcoming year i am pretty sure i will do much better, since i have been doing a lot of headshots and artist pictures lately, and i am stoked to make more pictures for this great magazine, providing a printed 'stage' to talents and interesting people from my own region and myself.

Also i upped my gear and for portraits i now use a Zeiss 85mm 1.4 and Samyang 14

For this shoot I mostly used my Fujifilm X-T2 and 56mm 1.2 lens, and a 600 led light-panel.

More GEAR blogging soon...! (I sold my Sony a7 II, and i am now rocking TWO fujifilm X-T2's)

If u are a local, make sure u pick up a copy of the 'BUUN 2018', it's available in a lot of stores in Venlo, and it's a very interesting read.

See ya..!


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